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About us

I truly enjoy making every single item in my shop from my home in Huntsville, AL! Every Wren Riley item is made by hand, by me! From the picking the fabric to the color combos, from cutting to stitching, from making tags to marketing, I have honestly say, I've done it all and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love contributing to the handcrafted world and I absolutely love making each and every item for my amazing customers.

I started making burp cloths for friends as baby shower gifts when I couldn't find any really unique or adorable ones at stores. When I became pregnant with my second son, I really started producing more, as my nesting instincts started to kick in. I'm so blessed to have my precious boys but I've always wanted a baby girl. So instead of naming my baby girl Wren, I decided to name my company Wren Riley Designs as an added nod the nesting instincts that really kicked my designs into production!

I come from a long line of seamstresses and I fondly remember playing at my Gigi's, Grandmother's, and Mom's feet as they each sewed. I took on teaching as my profession after college but I've always found the sound of the sewing machine very calming. As I changed careers from teacher to mom, I used the design as an outlet for my creativity, the technique as a way to channel my need to organize and fix, and the sound of the machine to relax the nerves of this mom of 2 boys!  Wren Riley Designs has also allowed me the flexibility of working from home.  As a military family, we tend to move every few years and I love that I can take my passion with me where ever we move!